Review of Wren’s Single, “The Road You Thought You Knew”

Today, May 19th, 2015, Seattle-based musician, Laura Brady of Wren, has released a new single entitled, “The Road You Thought You Knew.” This is Wren’s single for her up-coming album, Stitch an Ocean, which is to be released sometime this next fall.

As a single, “The Road You Thought You Knew,” does its job. It showcases Laura Brady’s intricate finger-picking guitar playing with the warmth of her nylon stringed guitar. It also features her insightful lyrics in lines such as, “Roll beneath the sheets, the fabric up against your cheek, the presence that you seek,” and “The ending of the numb, the strength to stay instead of run, to grow what you’d undone.”

While Wren’s consistent rhyming scheme in her verses seems a little forced, the actual message of the lyrics are deep and leave a lot to the imagination. And when combined with her voice and the overall melody, the consistent rhyme scheme doesn’t appear to be a distraction. Overall, “The Road You Thought You Knew” is not only a great introduction to Wren, but also makes me intrigued to hear more from her next album, Stitch an Ocean, when it is released this next fall.

Listen to “The Road You Thought You Knew”:

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